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Poetry Event: US & Kiwi Poets Take on the World in Seattle, USA

This event was to celebrate the launch of the Phantom Poetry Project featuring US poets to toast the arrival in Seattle of the Phantom Poetry Project.

At 7:00 pm the poets and spectators arrived at Vivace Espresso at Brix on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Everyone grabbed a cup of coffee, a beer, and pastries.  The poets read amidst the coffee shop crowd as well as a sizable group who came for the reading itself.  The coffee shop was full.  Marcie Sims began with an overview of the International Poetry Poster series and the other cities the posters have been featured in and the next series coming up. She also gave credit to Jim Wilson and to all the folks at Phantom Billstickers for all the work, support of the arts and poetry, and innovative approach to bringing poetry to the masses!

Then the poetry reading began, and the poets read one or two poems each (and managed to make themselves heard over the romantic sounds of the whirring steam and tamping thuds of the baristas!)  The Seattle poets who read and helped launch the beginning of postering in Seattle for the Kiwi/USA poets in this round include the following: Marcie Sims, Bob Mohrbacher, Jen Whetham, Peter Ludwin, and Jaeney Hoene.
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Poetry Reading: US and Kiwi Poets Take Over the World

Celebrate the launch of an international poetry postering event featuring US poets who will read some poems to toast the arrival in Seattle of the international poetry event that involves postering American, European, and New Zealand cities with poems by American poets (including Robert Pinsky and Marcie Sims) and New Zealand poets (including Sam Hunt).

Cafe Vivace, 532 Broadway Ave E., Seattle, WA 98102 Wednesday March 31st, at 7:00 pm.

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Poetry on the Occasion of Janet Frame’s Birthday

The third wave of poetry posters were launched on Friday 28th August at Al’s Bar in Christchurch, on what would have been Janet’s 85th birthday.

This third wave includes poems from Rhian Gallgher, Gary McCormick, Jackie Steincamp, Hilaire Campbell, Pablo Nova, Campbell McKay, Geoff Cochrane, Ben Brown, Nicholas Thomas & Janet Frame.

Pamela Gordon of the Janet Frame Literary Trust was also present to announce the 2009 Janet Frame Literary Trust Awards to winners Geoff Cochrane (for poetry) and Alison Wong (for Fiction).

The two $10,000 prizes mean that a grand total of $85,000 has now been gifted to benefit New Zealand writers by Janet Frame’s estate from the fund the late author set up for that purpose in 1999.

Our part in all this is more modest than that but we have printed and placed 6,000 A1s of 20 different poems by 20 different poets from Whangarei to Invercargill over the course of the project so far.

We ran poems in the first burst from: Tusiata Avia, James Milne (aka Lawrence Arabia), M White & J D McCaleb.

And in the second burst from: Michele Leggott, Frankie McMillan, Otis Mace, Bill Direen, David Eggleton & Josie McQuail.

In keeping with the “why not” spirit of the whole enterprise, we’ve also placed posters in Paris, France; Sydney, Australia.; Nashville & Knoxville, Tennessee and Princeton & Lambertville, New Jersey.

Look out for the latest wave of poetry for the people on Phantom street poster sites in 13 centres New Zealand wide.