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An Interview with Sian Torrington: Intimacy Stages / Active Empathy

We caught up with Artist Sian Torrington to learn a little more about her current exhibition ‘Intimacy stages / Active Empathy’ running alongside the Auckland Pride Week and Pride Parade. We helped Sian with her installation at Silo 7, Silo Park, Auckland.


ROOSJE: Sian, can you tell us a little bit about what ideas and concepts motivate your practice?

SIAN: I make drawings and sculpture, as well as large scale installations. I’ve always worked across different media, with movement, action, expression and the body as constants. Expression for me is what motivates my practice, and I think we need more of it in the world! My practice is hot, passionate and alive. It’s complicated and always everything is connected to each other, just like human life. This recent project We Don’t Have to Be The Building, is all about connections and intimacy. It grew from drawing myself and using fluid, stuck together drawings to express gender fluidity and sexuality. I then made a piece of writing with my partner, and then developed the concept into a large scale community engaged project of drawing, sculpture, research in archives and conversations to discover my whakapapa through queer female activism from homosexual law reform to today.

Lately I have been motivated by what kind of role creative practice can have in making connections, building solidarity and particularly empathy between people. Putting this art on the street is a way to share our stories and build compassion, empathy and solidarity through vulnerable, brave and open story telling through writing and images.

ROOSJE:Your making process seems to be an important part of your work, can you tell us a little about this; Why does process matter in the context of your work?

SIAN: Process is the living part of art making. It’s where the magic but also the mistakes happen. I have always wanted to reveal and share the process because I dislike the idea of artist as more important than anyone else. I think when we see incredible artworks in galleries, it can give a sense that it just happened like that, and we could never do that. Whereas the truth is there was a lot of failures, tears, attempts and insecurity making that art work. I want to build connection rather than distance through my art, and so revealing the process is part of that. It’s saying, this is a human process, just like living: getting it wrong, trying again, having hope. And that it’s not something I do alone. The process is the place where I can invite other people in and we can do it together. It’s scary and that’s good. That’s where the humanness is, and that’s what I want to reach.

ROOSJE: You’re running some drawing sessions as part of this exhibition. Why is drawing important to you and what can people expect from these sessions?

SIAN: Yes, I have a show open till Sat 25th at Studio One, Toi Tu at 1 Ponsonby Rd. It’s 16 large drawings, and I will also be drawing people for the next three days. This drawing will be a document of this pride parade and the queer, trans*, takataapui people who come and spend time with me being drawn. It’s an intimate process and it’s a way of making us seen. There aren’t many of us in art history and in drawing history, so this is a small resistance to that. It is a way to place bodies and identities that are ignored by art history into a massive drawing and say we are here. And we are multiple. And we are together.

Drawing is fast, and you can’t hide your mistakes, and it is related to the movement of the body. And humans have done it for as long as we know we have been here.

Below is a soundtrack to accompany the works that are a Silo 7 .. People can stream or download it free from

It’s sound from the dawn blessing, plus from the people involved and me reading some of the writing. It’s gorgeous and a great way to create a personal space while viewing.

For more on Sian’s work:


A Tinker’s Cuss.

Jim Wilson’s Blog.
It’s been a while since I’ve written ‘A Tinker’s Cuss’.

I’ve been to Singapore. This is a hollowed out island state where if an addict approaches a doctor for treatment, then the doctor must advise the Central Narcotics Bureau. The quality of mercy is being severely strained in Singapore.

Thailand? When I was there Chinese money was being put into developing shopping malls at around eight seaside resorts. There are numerous laws against anyone speaking out against injustices. A bloke was arrested in Bangkok for putting up post it notes in the streets. These pieces of paper contained political messages. They say Thailand is a democracy and so it must be. I believe the king has just died.

Houston? There are approximately 47 fried chicken stands at the airport and another 35 barbeque joints. It is, therefore, a mighty friendly place. Kaboom Books ( is one of the better bookstores in the world.

I saw Bob Dylan live in Philadelphia and I am due to see him again next month in Chattanooga. He’s had 35,000 people a day tell him he has the worst voice in the world for around 40 years now and so in Philly he did about six Frank Sinatra songs. I doff my hat to him. He has not commented about his Nobel Prize yet and he’s not posing for selfies either.

“People got a lot of knives and forks and so they got to eat something.” – Bob Dylan.

Kelly and I have been working on my writing. We have worked over 16 chapters out of 52 chapters of ‘Dose’. This work has been most enjoyable.

I have also, on the side, written about 25 chapters of a new manuscript about my life as a billsticker. This manuscript is called ‘Glue’.

I don’t watch the news here in the USA because of the electioneering. In a single hour there might be twenty advertisements for Hilary Clinton whereby she decries Donald Trump and 10 advertisements for Donald Trump whereby he decries Hilary Clinton. Also, in my area here in Pennsylvania, there are two millionaires who are standing for the Senate (Pat Toomey and Katie Mc Ginty) and their advertisements are all over youtube clips as well. They seem to be arguing about abortions.

I don’t think any of these four candidates is worth a tinker’s cuss. They are merely hopeful and delusional faith healers to a nation that is truly broke.

I only watch the television to catch the advertisements for O.I.C. (Opiate Induced Constipation). Approximately 80 people are dying a day from opiate overdoses now. Pharmaceutical company painkillers far outweigh Heroin.

I read The Trentonian newspaper every day. Trenton is the capital city of New Jersey and it is about ten miles away.

The August 30th issue tells us that one Anton Williams was arrested when police noticed a razor blade nicely tucked behind his ear. In his pockets the police found crack cocaine. He was using the razor blade to cut up the crack for customers. I can see some fashion designer latching on to this before nightfall.

The September 4th issue tells us that Allen Howen, 47 years old and a man born without arms, was arrested for selling drugs within 500 yards of a park and 1000 yards from a school. His street name is ‘Flipper’ and when the cops got him he was also drinking a 24oz can of Bud Ice and he was as happy as happy can be.

The September 27 issue tells us that a senior policeman (Ed Leopardi) committed suicide whilst under investigation for taking a prostitute back to police headquarters, having anal sex with her and then wiping his dick clean on the curtains. It was in the dead of night and he was also wearing Raybans. The camera got him. I believe some cop sold the clip and it is on the internet right now.

I don’t think any amount of politics is going to fix this. You’d have better luck in Haiti.

Americans love to eat so as to ward off the bad feelings. America is a very syrupy nation (Russia is not). Americans love sentimentality. The other day in the supermarket I was behind a woman who had seven different types of potato chips in her cart. Then she had various chocolate concoctions, bagel chips, creamed donuts and seven different types of soda so as to keep the evil spirits at bay. Her son, who was about fourteen, was beside her. He was leaping up and down and eating a six pack of Kentucky Fried Chicken as we all waited.

I just guess everyone here is afraid as to what is going to happen next.

I love America because it’s all there right in front of us and it’s in technicolour.

I drive a Mustang right now, V8 of course. There is no point otherwise.

What I love about America is the freedom to be crazy and the freedom to express one’s own self. Lots of places in the world don’t allow this.img_2666

The Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader Vol 10 – Out and About

Ashley at Red Rock Cafe and Bar, Queenstown

Ashley at Red Rock Cafe and Bar in Queenstown


Okra Espresso Lounge, Auckland

Okra Cafe AKL


Havana Bar, Wellington

Havana Bar, WLG


Southern Cross, Wellington



Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, Wellington

Sweet Mothers Kitchen


University Bookshop, Dunedin

University Bookshop (2)_800x600


Morning Magpie, Dunedin

Morning Magpie_800x600


Gavin Shaw, DIVO – Dunedin’s Needle Exchange
Gavin was a contributor for Cafe Reader Vol 9 and has been very active in the literary and music circles in Dunedin. He plays bass in the band Psychic Maps.

Gavin reader (2)_800x600


Tenzin Mullins, Dunedin
Tenzin is a musician and academic who plays bass in the bands MARINEVILLE and The David Lynch Mob. He is also a member of HEKA with Stephen Kilory and ex-SUKA bandmate, Heath Te Au.

Tenzin Mullins_800x600

Where You’ll Find the Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader Vol 10 in NZ

The Phantom Billstickers VanGo Flying Squad hit a whole bunch of spots around the country so you could get the latest fix of the Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader. See below for a list of spots for Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. More and more spots will be added and copies topped up, but if we’re all out in your local cafe, store or other favourite spot, let us know by emailing


Albany Village BakeryAlbany
Koffee BarAlbany
The Coffee ClubAlbany
Natural New ZealandAlbany
Wendy’s IcecreamAlbany
Hara JapaneseAlbany
Federal & WolfeAlbert Street, CBD
Greco CafeAlbert Street, CBD
Heaven ScentAlbert Street, CBD
Baroness BarbersBlockhouse Bay
The Bay CafeBlockhouse Bay
iCoco CafeBlockhouse Bay
The Bay CafeBlockhouse Bay
LickBlockhouse Bay
Shakey IslesBritomart
White FlowerBrowns Bay
Golden Sands CafeBrowns Bay
WarawaraBrowns Bay
LibraryBrowns Bay
Sal’s PizzaBrowns Bay
Sushi Ya SushiBrowns Bay
Sushi DayBrowns Bay
Browns Bay RoastsBrowns Bay
Noodle CanteenBrowns Bay
Books @ DevonportDevonport
Naber KoffeeDevonport
Java HouseDevonport
Paradox BooksDevonport
Alert BarbersDominion Road, Mt Eden
L’Espresso CafeDominion Road, Mt Eden
Ralph’s Bar and EateryDominion Road, Mt Eden
E- MartDominion Road, Mt Eden
GlengarryDominion Road, Mt Eden
Murder burgerDominion Road, Mt Eden
Big BeatDominion Road, Mt Eden
Ronnie’s BakeryDowntown, CBD
Maxwell’s DrycleanersDowntown, CBD
Food AlleyDowntown, CBD
Sumo SushiDowntown, CBD
Spill EspressoElliot Street, CBD
Elliot StablesElliot Street, CBD
Alfie’s Juice BarElliot Street, CBD
Mad TravelFort Street, CBD
Camel BacpackersFort Street, CBD
SierraFort Street, CBD
Velvet BurgerFort Street, CBD
Freemans Bays LaundromatFreeman’s Bay
Domain DeliGrafton
Dear ReaderGrey Lynn
OccamGrey Lynn
Arch Hill EspressoGrey Lynn
Mamata BakehouseGrey Lynn
Savour & Devour CafeGrey Lynn
Charlie BoysGrey Lynn
Tom’s RoastGrey Lynn
Hana SushiGrey Lynn
Seafood MarketGrey Lynn
NovelHerne Bay
Five LoavesHerne Bay
DellowsHerne Bay
La BoulangeHerne Bay
Icing on the CakeHerne Bay
FishsmithHerne Bay
Hollywood BakeryHigh Street, CBD
Unity BooksHigh Street, CBD
Raw PowerHigh Street, CBD
PitaliciousHigh Street, CBD
Espresso On QueenHigh Street, CBD
Grind on HighHigh Street, CBD
Cafe MelbaHigh Street, CBD
Plus MartHigh Street, CBD
CosmicHigh Street, CBD
RevelKarangahape Road, CBD
SculleryKarangahape Road, CBD
FoodinisKarangahape Road, CBD
VeronaKarangahape Road, CBD
Lim Chouur FoodcourtKarangahape Road, CBD
Liquor CenterKarangahape Road, CBD
Rebel Soul RecordsKarangahape Road, CBD
Donair KebabsKarangahape Road, CBD
Paperbag PrincessKarangahape Road, CBD
CosmicKarangahape Road, CBD
SharkiesKarangahape Road, CBD
The Hemp StoreKarangahape Road, CBD
Fushion SushiKarangahape Road, CBD
Neighbourhood BarKingsland
The KingslanderKingsland
King FadezKingsland
Roasted AddiqtionKingsland
The FridgeKingsland
Shaky IslesKingsland
Gyroz KebabsKingsland
Handmade BurgersKingsland
The Butlers BanquetKohimaramara
Sauce CafeKohimaramara
Gloria JeansLorne Street, CBD
SierraLorne Street, CBD
SheinkinLorne Street, CBD
EsquiresLorne Street, CBD
Esquires (Library)Lorne Street, CBD
Lorne Street CafeLorne Street, CBD
LibraryLorne Street, CBD
Rhythm CafeMairangi Bay
Hiroba SushiMairangi Bay
Mairangi Bay FisheriesMairangi Bay
Sun IslandMairangi Bay
The BookloverMilford
Cafe BloomMilford
Little KingMilford
Mission Bay CafeMission Bay
Peel to PipMorningside
Paris BakeryMt Eden
Time Out BooksMt Eden
FrasersMt Eden
Casa Del GelatoMt Eden
Coen SushiMt Eden
Sushi TimeMt Eden
Aqua CafeNewmarket
Little Nuffield CafeNewmarket
Shakey IslesNewmarket
Gateau HouseNewmarket
Hard To Find BookstoreOnehunga
Lucious CafeOnehunga
Venus RoastOnehunga
Lava CafeParnell
Strawberry AlarmclockParnell
La PorchettaParnell
Chevalier Point CafePoint Chevalier
Mud Pie DeliPoint Chevalier
Chev GardensPoint Chevalier
Pita PitPoint Chevalier
LaundromatPoint Chevalier
Bon SushiPoint Chevalier
Womens Book StorePonsonby
The Food RoomPonsonby
Cafe ThirtyninePonsonby
International FoodcourtPonsonby
Leys Institute LibraryPonsonby
Ponsonby Pool HallPonsonby
Bird On A WirePonsonby
Choice BackpackersQueen Street, CBD
Scenic HotelsQueen Street, CBD
Real GroovyQueen Street, CBD
Jb Hi FiQueen Street, CBD
Recycle BoutiqueQueen Street, CBD
Q TheatreQueen Street, CBD
Upland CafeRemuera
Tree CafeRemuera
Picollo CafeRemuera
Buffalo CafeRemuera
Maxwell’s DrycleanersRemuera
Photo RemueraRemuera
Sushi + SushiRemuera
Armadillo CafeRothesay Bay
Wesley CentreSandringham
Blue RoseSandringham
Take NoteSt Heliers
Cypress CafeSt Heliers
Community HallSt Heliers
LibrarySt Heliers
Cecil SushiSt Heliers
ArcadiaSymonds Street, CBD
Bian SushiSymonds Street, CBD
Bonzai SushiSymonds Street, CBD
Betsia KebabSymonds Street, CBD
Ruang ThongSymonds Street, CBD
Dutchess Home BakerySymonds Street, CBD
Bian SushiTakapuna
Quad CafeUniversity of Auckland
bFM OfficesUniversity of Auckland
Munchie MartUniversity of Auckland
Student CommonsUniversity of Auckland
Womens SpaceUniversity of Auckland
Natural CafeViaduct
Jones The GrocerViaduct
TAPACWestern Springs
Garnet Road FoodstoreWestmere
Happy TakeawayWestmere
Westhaven CafeWynyward Quarter
TankWynyward Quarter


Toi PonekeAbel Smith Street, Te Aro
Southern Cross ApartmentsAbel Smith Street, Te Aro
Southern Cross Bar and CafeAbel Smith Street, Te Aro
Loki LoungeAbel Smith Street, Te Aro
Raglan RoastAbel Smith Street, Te Aro
Aro CoffeeAro Valley
Aro BakeAro Valley
Liquid LaundromatBerhampore
Adelaide Trading CoBerhampore
Hair by AngeBerhampore
Fork and BrewerBond Street, CBD
The CanteenBond Street, CBD
Wishbone on BondBond Street, CBD
Swan Barbers on BondBond Street, CBD
Ape EspressoBoulcott Street, CBD
Jo’s PiesBrooklyn
Cafe CaribeBrooklyn
Brooklyn Fish SupplyBrooklyn
Penthouse CinemaBrooklyn
Vic Railway CampusBunny Street, Pipitea
Wellington StationBunny Street, Pipitea
Circa TheatreCable Street, Te Aro
xBaseCambridge Terrace
PuddlesCambridge Terrace
Art for Arts SakeCambridge Terrace
Cambridge HotelCambridge Terrace
Kakapo InkCambridge Terrace
Gotham CafeChews Lane
Habitual FixChews Lane
Midland SushiChews Lane
Cafe LaffareCollege Street, Te Aro
Sweet Mother’s KitchenCourtenay Place
Courtenay BarbersCourtenay Place
Courtenay Place BakeryCourtenay Place
OraCourtenay Place
ZumoCourtenay Place
PoquitoCourtenay Place
VinylCourtenay Place
EnigmaCourtenay Place
Kaffee Eis on CourtenayCourtenay Place
Joe’s GarageCourtenay Place
Fix on CourtenayCourtenay Place
The Grand HotelCourtenay Place
St James TheatreCourtenay Place
The Powder RoomCuba Street
Arthur’s CafeCuba Street
Soap OperaCuba Street
Swan BarbersCuba Street
EmporioCuba Street
Fidel’s CafeCuba Street
ThirteenCuba Street
Midnight EspressoCuba Street
OliveCuba Street
Cuba BarbersCuba Street
Kaffie Eis on Cuba StreetCuba Street
ZiggaratCuba Street
EspressoholicCuba Street
The RockshopCuba Street
Mr Bun on CubaCuba Street
Soho Brown on CubaCuba Street
Kapai on CubaCuba Street
PalominoCuba Street
Cuba St ClinicCuba Street
Vanishing Point RecordsCuba Street
CQ HotelCuba Street
Paperbag PrincessCuba Street
Slowboat RecordsCuba Street
Babylon KebabCuba Street
St Pierre SushiCuba Street
Cosmic CornerCuba Street
Ferret BooksCuba Street
RPMCuba Street
Aunty Mena’sCuba Street
Fix on CubaCuba Street
Tulsi on CubaCuba Street
Hotel BristolCuba Street
JJ MurphiesCuba Street
N&Y Nail SalonCuba Street
Plum CafeCuba Street
Aroy Thai CubaCuba Street
Amsterdam Coffee ShopCuba Street
Fusion Surk and SkateCuba Street
OrigamiCuba Street
Trade KitchenCustomhouse Quay
Espresso 7Customhouse Quay
Waterloo HotelCustomhouse Quay
Dixon St DeliDixon Street, Te Aro
Umi HouseDixon Street, Te Aro
Little PengangDixon Street, Te Aro
Memphis BelleDixon Street, Te Aro
Six Barrel SodaDixon Street, Te Aro
Arty Bees BooksDixon Street, Te Aro
PortlanderFeatherston Street, CBD
RydgesFeatherston Street, CBD
Jacques Hair DesignFeatherston Street, CBD
Prince BarberFeatherston Street, CBD
Bay AudiologyFeatherston Street, CBD
Mojo AsteronFeatherston Street, CBD
BruhausFeatherston Street, CBD
Photo EspressoFeatherston Street, CBD
Pita Pitt Featherston StFeatherston Street, CBD
ThunderbirdFeatherston Street, CBD
VivaceFeatherston Street, CBD
Customs CofeeGhuznee Street, Te Aro
Precint 35Ghuznee Street, Te Aro
MilkcrateGhuznee Street, Te Aro
MusicworksGhuznee Street, Te Aro
Hataitai Hot Bread ShopHataitai
Great Wall TakeawaysHataitai
Hataitai Kebab StoreHataitai
Golden SunHataitai
Island Bay BakeryIsland Bay
Island Bay BarbersIsland Bay
Blue Belle CafeIsland Bay
Floyd’s CafeIsland Bay
Chopsticks TakeawaysIsland Bay
Empire CinemaIsland Bay
Quest on JohnstonJohnston Street, CBD
MagnetixJohnston Street, CBD
Cafe ModeKelburn
Brezelmania KelburnKelburn
Paradise SeafoodKelburn
Kelburn Village PubKelburn
Deluxe CafeKent Terrace, Mt Victoria
Embassy TheatreKent Terrace, Mt Victoria
Skipping Stone CafeKilbirnie
Brezelmania KilbirnieKilbirnie
Hey George CafeKilbirnie
Tong’s TakeoutKilbirnie
CC EateryKilbirnie
PLaza PizzeriaKilbirnie
Cafe VerveLambton Quay
The AnnexeLambton Quay
AstoriaLambton Quay
Chumeez CafeLambton Quay
The Old BaileyLambton Quay
Pegasus BooksLeft Bank
Lo MeinLeft Bank
California SushiLeft Bank
Carve BarbersLeft Bank
Mint Nails and BeautyLeft Bank
Lyall Bay ChineseLyall Bay
MaranuiLyall Bay
ElementsLyall Bay
Two TeaspoonsManners Street
Hurricane JeansManners Street
Alamir BakeryMiramar
Metro Miramar SeafoodMiramar
Miramar Fish and ChipsMiramar
Supreme BakeryMiramar
Roxy CinemaMiramar
Joe’s CookMiramar
Mercato FreshMiramar
Bicycle JunctionNewtown
Black CoffeeNewtown
Newtown BarbersNewtown
Frenmch PatisserieNewtown
Newtown Bakery CFCNewtown
Peoples CoffeeNewtown
Rubia ExpressNewtown
Newtown Community CentreNewtown
Red Sea CafeNewtown
Kopi-tiam CafeNewtown
The Ramen ShopNewtown
Newtown LibraryNewtown
Fish FinnsNewtown
Toi WhakaariNewtown
Trek GlobalO’Reilly Avenue
Raglan Roast Oriental ParadeOriental Parade
Coene’sOriental Parade
Freyburg PoolOriental Parade
VistaOriental Parade
ShineOriental Parade
Copthorne HotelOriental Parade
OhtelOriental Parade
BaristaPanama Street
Law School VicPipitea
Vic Business SchoolPipitea
Gates CafePipitea
AB CafePlimmer Steps
MargiesPost Office Square
Charley NoblesPost Office Square
French Kiss CafePost Office Square
GelissimoQueens Wharf
Mac’s BrewbarQueens Wharf
St Johns BarQueens Wharf
Tua TuaQueens Wharf
Dockside BarQueens Wharf
Bin 44Queens Wharf
Wellington MuseumQueens Wharf
Academy GalleriesQueens Wharf
CuckooQueens Wharf
One Red DogQueens Wharf
Portrait GalleryQueens Wharf
Mojo WaterfrontQueens Wharf
Gypsy Kitchen CafeStrathmore
Strathmore Bakery and CafeStrathmore
Acropolis SouvlakiStrathmore
Strathmore LocalStrathmore
Go RentalsStrathmore
Sixes and SevensTaranaki Street, Te Aro
Cafe Panama StreetTaranaki Street, Te Aro
Fuwa CafeThe Terrace
Quest on TerraceThe Terrace
Yellowbird CafeThe Terrace
GasolineThe Terrace
Blowfish SushiThe Terrace
Colonial CafeThe Terrace
Raglan RoastTory Street
Pavement CafeTory Street
Wild Zebra BackpackersTory Street
Stories CoffeeVictoria Street, Te Aro
The LidoVictoria Street, Te Aro
LamasonVictoria Street, Te Aro
Mojo on VictoriaVictoria Street, Te Aro
Victoria St CafeVictoria Street, Te Aro
The Caffienated GamerVictoria Street, Te Aro
Cafe Roti ChanaiVictoria Street, Te Aro
Central LibraryVictoria Street, Te Aro
Clark’s CafeVictoria Street, Te Aro
Victoria School of DesignVivian Street, Te Aro
Me Kong CafeVivian Street, Te Aro
FelixWakefield Street, Te Aro
YHAWakefield Street, Te Aro
Pandoro PanetteriaWakefield Street, Te Aro
RahzooWaring Taylor Street, CBD
Mr Bun on Waring TAylorWaring Taylor Street, CBD
AlaturkaWaring Taylor Street, CBD
PreservatoriumWebb Street, Te Aro
Light House CinemaWigan School
Mulberry GardenWillis Street, Te Aro
Jime Juice BarWillis Street, Te Aro
Willis St Lunch BarWillis Street, Te Aro
Trinity HotelWillis Street, Te Aro
The AboristWillis Street, Te Aro
Cafe FormulaWillis Street, Te Aro
The Amore CosmeticsWillis Street, Te Aro
MiyabiWillis Street, Te Aro
Sweet Release CakesWillis Street, Te Aro
Cafe NeoWillis Street, Te Aro
The GeorgeWillis Street, Te Aro
The General PractionerWillis Street, Te Aro
Unity BooksWillis Street, Te Aro
Caffe VivaWillis Street, Te Aro
Puro ChileWillis Street, Te Aro
Hair StylistWillis Street, Te Aro
Cafe LavaWillis Street, Te Aro



Cafe PragueAddington
Bean SceneAddington
NY DeliAddington
Little MerchantsAddington
Addington Coffee Co-opAddington
Pedal PusherAddington
Stolen BagelAddington
Crafted Coffee CoAddington
Dose CafeAddington
Cafe CudosAddington
Ocean FreshBishopdale
Sleek HairBishopdale
Blue DolphinBishopdale
Savoire CafeBishopdale
Hell PizzaBishopdale
Taste @ 20Cashmere
The CupCashmere
Emperor’s New ClothesCashmere
Underground HQCBD
Music WorksCBD
Smash PalaceCBD
Dux CentralCBD
Beat StCBD
ARA InsituteCBD
Black BettyCBD
Perry’s CafeCBD
Food containerCBD
Black and WhiteCBD
Hunters and CollectorsCBD
Cosmic CornerCBD
Physics RoomCBD
Sushi AttackEdgeware
Crisp CafeFendalton
In SituHillsborough
Castle Rock CafeHillsborough
Una BakeryHunstbury
Sushi YaIlam
Ilam Bakery FoodbarIlam
Ilam HairdressingIlam
LB and CoIlam
Pepe’s MexicanIlam
Stanmore Fish and ChipsLinwood
Penny LaneLinwood
Under The Red VerandahLinwood
Shroom RoomLyttelton
Civil and NavelLyttelton
Cafe MetroMerivale
Brewer’s ArmsMerivale
Moore’s DrycleaningMerivale
Totto BeneMerivale
Man UpMerivale
$10 CutsNew Brighton
The LaundryNew Brighton
Cafe CalypsoNew Brighton
Point Break CafeNew Brighton
Honey CafeNew Brighton
Cafe CremaNew Brighton
Salt on the PierNew Brighton
Yu Wah Fish and ChipsPapanui
Rose CafePapanui
$15 CutsPapanui
Station 1 CafePapanui
Il MagroPapanui
Burgers and BeersRedwood
Ed HopperRiccarton
Theo’s FisheryRiccarton
Hell PizzaRiccarton
Scorpio BooksRiccarton
Velvet BurgerRiccarton
Music PlanetRiccarton
City of InkRiccarton
Columbus CoffeeRiccarton
Coffee ClubRiccarton
Noodle UnionShirley
Sasuke SushiShirley
Kidd’s BakerySt Albans
Cafe MetroSt Albans
Wal’s LaundretteSt Albans
Ris’ TrettoSt Albans
ObcessSt Martins
Joe’s GarageSumner
Hollywood CinemasSumner
Sumner Bakery and CafeSumner
Underground SumnerSumner
Hello SundaySydenham
The ColomboSydenham
Academy Gold CinemaSydenham
The Beer LibrarySydenham
Burgers and BeersSydenham
Wholly BagelUniversity of Canterbury
The Shilling ClubUniversity of Canterbury
Reboot CafeUniversity of Canterbury
Cafe 1894University of Canterbury
UC LibraryUniversity of Canterbury
Van Dam’sUpper Riccarton
Joe’s GarageUpper Riccarton
The TanneryWoolston
The BreweryWoolston
Blue SmokeWoolston
Woolston MarketWoolston
Deluxe CinemaWoolston



Al Bar
Albion Lane Café
Beam Me Up Bagels
Bite Gourmet
Black Dog Café
Book Exchange
Café Aroma
Café Mocha
Cannabis Museum
City Scenic Hotel
Civic Centre Café
Coffee on Prince Albert
Cosmic Corner
Crusty Corner
Dead Souls Bookshop
Disc Den
Dispensary Café
Dog W/ Two Tails
Dost Kebabs
Dunedin College of Education
Dunedin Public Hospital / Whanau Room
Dunedin Public Library
Edgar Centre
Esplanade Café
Everyday Gourmet
Fix Café
Flax Café Caversham
Fluid Café
Flying Squid
Forget Me Nots
Fortune Theatre
Galaxy Books
Good Oil
Governors Café
Great King Café
Hard to find Bookstore
Inch Bar
Kiki Beware
Kitchen Table
Laneway Café
Maki Mono
Mou Very
Mourning Magpie
Music Planet
Noodle Hut
Otago Access Radio
OUSA Clubs & Societies
Perc Café
Pita Pit
Purple Rain
Quicker Liquor
Radio One
RdC Café
Relics Records
Roast Office
Salt Cafe
Scribes Bookstore
St Clair Salt Water Pool Cafe
St David St Café
Standard Kitchen
Starfish Café
Strawberry Sound
Strictly Coffee
Subway X 3
Sugar Café
Thrive Café
Tokyo House
University Bookshop
University of Otago Main Common Room
Velvet Burger x 2
Vogel St Kitchen



Palmerston North City Library
Cafe 40
Cafe Jacko
Cafe Express
Square Edge
Robert Harris
The Green house
The Verdict Cafe
Celtic Inn
Stage Door Cafe
Sushi Bar
Flavour Bistro
Saigon Corner
Bob CaféBank Street
1 2 3 ClinicBank Street
London BarbersBank Street
CBD Bank StreetBank Street
Ngatihine TrustBank Street
CBD Bank StreetBank Street
Paper PrincessBank Street
Red CrossBank Street
Nector CaféBank Street
Country BakeOkara Shopping Centre
Charlies Lunch BarRewarewa Road
Library CafeRust Ave
LibraryRust Ave
Inferno StreetwearStrand Mall
Bethelles UniformsStrand Mall
CBD SpotlightTarewa Shopping Centre
GLE2 CoffeeTarewa Shopping Centre
Pumpkin PatchTarewa Shopping Centre
Number Ones ShoesTarewa Shopping Centre
The Cheese Cake ShopTarewa Shopping Centre
Super Cheap AutoTarewa Shopping Centre
Bed Bath and BeyondTarewa Shopping Centre
Reduced to ClearTarewa Shopping Centre
Lighting DirectTarewa Shopping Centre
Baba KebabVine Street
Noodle CanteenVine Street
Sportsmans ChoiceVine Street
Signature SalonWater Street
Calvin Harris OfficeWater Street
Caffine CaféWater Street



Cafe DMP
Urban Deli
Napier Library
Taradale Library
St. Germain
Ziggzagg Cafe
Hapi Clean Kai Co-Op
Heavens Bakery & Cafe
2 Fat Lattes
Cafe Divine
Groove Kitchen Espresso
Mister D

Cafe Reader Vol 10 – Winter 2016

Short stories, poems and editorial by:
Roger Shepherd, Garth Cartwright, Buster Stiggs, Sam Hunt, Jess Sloan, Rebekah Emmerson, Ty TuRupe, Brigid Kelly, Douglas Piccinnini, David Kilgour, Richard Langston, Katy Soljak, Jim Wilson, Patricia Greig, Magali, Tusiata Avia, Jay Clarkson.

Available for digital download on Kindle and iPad for a small fee on soon.

Cover by Stuart Page.

Cafe_Reader10-Cover V1